Agent Based Modelling in Natural Resource Management


Edited by: Adolfo López-Paredes; Cesáreo Hernández Iglesias
Publisher: INSISOC, Spain
Publication date: March 2008
ISBN: 978-84-205-4560-8

«Agent based simulations provide a new and exciting avenue for natural resource planning and management. Researches and advisers can compare and explore alternative scenarios and institutional arrangements to evaluate the consequences of policy actions in terms of economic, social and ecological impacts. But as a new field it demands from the modellers a great deal of creativeness, expertise and “wise choice”, as the papers collected in this book show.»

Table of contents


Part I State of the art

1. Further towards a taxonomy of agent-based simulation models in environmental management.
M. Hare and P.Deadman

2. Illustrating a new “conceptual design pattern” for agent-based models of land use via five case studies—the MR POTATOHEAD framework.
Dawn C. Parker, Daniel G. Brown, J. Gary Polhill, Peter J. Deadman, and Steven M. Manson

Part II Cases and applications

3. An agent based model of agri-environmental measure diffusion: What for ?
Guillaume Deffuant, Sylvie Huet and Sarah Skerratt

4. Water demand Policies.
Olivier Barthélémy

5. Agent-Based Modelling in Domestic Water Management: Barcelona and Valladolid case studies.
José M. Galán, José I. Santos, Segismundo S. Izquierdo, José A. Pascual, Ricardo del Olmo and Adolfo López-Paredes

6. Emissions Permits Auctions for Climate Policy.
Marta Posada and Javier Pajares

7. Marshall’s “Trees” and the Global “Forest” – An Agent Based Model of Firm’s Birth, Evolution and Extinction.
Alexandre Pérez Casares, Cesáreo Hernández Iglesias and José Pérez Ríos

Part III Methodology

8. Using INGENIAS for Visual Modeling of Complex Agent Based Simulation Systems.
Juan Pavón and Candelaria Sansores

9. The Role of Emotions in Environmental Decision Making: A formal modeling framework.
Antonio Aguilera-Ontiveros and Julio Cesar Contreras-Manrique